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Our Mission

The Colorado Association of Surgical Assistants (CASA) is dedicated to the recognition, growth and legislation of the profession of Surgical Assisting in the state of Colorado and to the benefit of Surgical Assistants throughout the entire country.  The profession of Surgical Assisting is comprised of several disciplines.  The common thread is that each is specially trained to assist the surgeon in surgical procedures.  The goals remain common as well, to enhance the profession for the benefit of all.



Organizational Profile

The Colorado Association of Surgical Assistants was formed in April, 2003 by a coalition of concern professionals that practice within the discipline of surgical assisting.  The Board of Directors is comprised of a select few that have been elected by the general membership within the state.

CASA maintains a membership of approximately 40 active members within Colorado.  The Board of Directors represent this membership through organization and structure.  Major decisions that affect the practitioners are decided upon by the entire membership.

The Colorado Association of Surgical Assistants will continue to align itself with other professional organizations that share the concerns of CASA and it's membership.



Contact Information

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820 S. Monaco Pkwy #253, Denver, CO 80224
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The Latest Updates

A Perfect World…

If this were a perfect world, I’d get paid in full and in a reasonable period of time. And, I would be a Web master. But it isn’t a perfect world. As a result, I have more money in cyber space and in the coffers of insurance companies than I do in the bank. However, I am on the way to becoming a web master with the help from the pros. The web page is now in capable hands and we will do our best to keep it updated.

Our next and long overdue meeting will be held Saturday December 16th, 2006 at 9am in the auditorium at St. Anthony Central. This is an important meeting in that we will be holding elections for positions on the board of directors. There are a total of three positions that are available and we need dedicated and committed members of CASA to full these positions. We will also be handing out the new membership cards. You will need this card to vote. If you are not a member or your membership has expired (or due to expire) here is your chance to become a member.

 We are all doing pretty much the same job and facing the same problems. Come to the meeting and find out what is working or not working for others, share your problems, concerns and victories. We, as a profession, are losing our status more and more everyday. Personally, I haven’t worked 26 years in this field only to be ignored, rebuked and denied my dignity and respect as a Surgical First Assistant. And I would like to be paid in full in a reasonable period of time.

See you at the meeting.

Donald R. Lough CST/CFA
President, Colorado Association of Surgical Assistants



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